Guangzhou College of Technology and Business
Guangzhou College of Technology and Business is a private full-time general undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education, founded in 1995

Guangzhou College of Technology and Business (GCTB) is a private full-time undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education. GCTB was founded in 1995 and was established as Guangzhou Vocational College of Technology and Business in 2004. In May 2014, it was upgraded to undergraduate college and renamed to Guangzhou College of Technology and Business. In 2018, it was approved by the bachelor's degree evaluation and was authorized to award bachelor's degrees; In November 2020, it accepted the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment by the Ministry of Education; it was later approved as the construction unit of Guangdong Province Master's Degree Granting Project.

GCTB currently has two campuses located in Huadu district of Guangzhou and Sanshui district of Foshan. Residing within the center of the Guangdong - Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area, GCTB has a convenient geographical location, complete teaching facilities, and rich educational resources. The college covers a total area of 926,714 square-meters, with building area of 674,807 square-meters. There are 12 experimental lab centers with practical usage area of over 70,000 square-meters. The libraries possess over 3 million collection of books. Moreover, there are numerous recreational facilities such as standard track and field stadiums, large scale gymnasiums, various ball courts, student activity centers and etc.

GCTB currently has 25118 full-time students, within which 23350 are undergraduates. The college has 14 teaching units with 26 undergraduate majors including management, economics, engineering, literature, and arts as the 5 subject categories; amongst them, international commerce and logistics management are rated as provincial significant subjects; international economics and commerce is selected as Guangdong’s first-class undergraduate construction point; accounting and marketing are the key majors of Higher Vocational Education in Guangdong Province. GCTB actively expands the field of international cooperation and in September 2016, it established the School of International Education. To encourage the development of Guangdong - Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area and train experts of “the Belt and Road” international logistics and smart cold chain, GCTB cooperated with Guangdong Logistics Association and GZBAIER Cold Chain and built the Guangdong - Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area College of Intelligent Cold-Chain Industries.

There are currently 1503 teachers and 1054 of them are working full-time. Within the full-time teachers, there are 324 with titles of vice-senior or higher, which is 30.74% of the full-time teachers; there are 784 who hold Master’s or Doctoral Degrees, which is 74.38%; there are 2 experts who receives special allowances from the China Sate Council, 1 teacher with National Excellency Award, and 1 teacher who was named National Teaching Expert in Ideological and Political Theories.

GCTB adheres to the principle of “preserve virtues, prioritize learning” proposed by the college president Dr. Banghong Kuang and promotes the “Five Entries” educational movement which consists of “entering classrooms, entering libraries, entering labs, entering gymnasiums, and entering society”, with the purpose of teaching the students to develop respectable qualities in all aspects. In the recent years, the representatives of teachers and students have won 1008 awards that are above municipal levels including 18 awards in national collective competitions, 42 national first-places, and 95 provincial first-places in Guangdong computer design competition. Our students’ team won the grand prize in the finals of the 2017 'National College Students' Intelligence Cup’ of Multi-Organizational Supply Chain Business Decision-Making Simulation Competition '. Our Youth League Committee was awarded the yearly 'May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee of Guangdong Province' of 2016-2017. We were awarded with the first prize of outstanding achievements (undergraduate group) in campus cultural construction of Guangdong universities from our project of 'Practicing Five Entries, Establishing Morality, and Cultivating Talents'. The college won the grand prize in the national private university student innovation achievement award in 2017. Our proposals 'the Construction of Moral Education System in Colleges and Universities Based on' Five Entries' and 'the Construction of Three Dimensional, Ideological, and Political ‘Moral Education · Five Entries’ Education System' were awarded the first prize by Tsinghua University’s Institute of education in outstanding achievement of students' core literacy in 2018 and 2019. Our Faculty of Marxism’s project 'Research on the Practical Dilemma and Solution Mechanism of Ideological and Political Course Construction in Private Colleges and Universities' was approved by the National Social Science Fund in 2019. In 2020, China Education Daily published 'Promoting Morality and Learning, Building Foundation for Morality, Promoting ‘Five Entries’- GCTB’s Record of Exploration and Practice”; Guangming Daily published the full text of “Guangzhou College of Technology and Business: Actively Exploring New Modes of University Cooperation and Promoting Integration between Industry and Education”, which effectively enhanced the social influence of our college.

The school has established a mechanism for the Party committee to participate in its decision-making and supervision. The Secretary of the Party committee is selected by the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee. As a member of the board of directors and the president's office, the Secretary participates in the daily managements of the school.

The school operates in the way that leans to the socialistic direction, in which we attempt to construct a high level application-oriented university, and adheres to the policy of 'strengthening internal qualities, building external images, creating a harmonious campus, and developing scientifically'. Furthermore, the school insists on the concept of 'quality-oriented, student-centered, highlighting characteristics, and advocating innovation' to achieve the following: extend education reforms; improve the overall level of production, study and research; comprehensively promote quality education; and cultivate talented individuals with morality, knowledge, solid foundation, skills, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to adapt to the needs of local and social economic developments. The school combines its advantages of regional economy and its own characteristics, and formulates the education plan of applied undergraduate talents to provide human, financial, and material resources for undergraduate teaching, and comprehensively and orderly promotes the construction of undergraduate teaching quality level. Our school has been awarded the title of 'Top 10 Competitive Units of Guangdong Higher Vocational Education (private)' by the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences Competitiveness Evaluation Research Center and Guangdong Status Investigation Research Center for 10 consecutive years. GCTB joined the Universities of Applied Technology (College) Group in October 2017; in January 2018, GCTB was rated the top 100 private education units in China; in 2020, our school was selected as the 'institution with outstanding contribution' for the 40th anniversary of private education in Guangdong Province; in March 2021, our school was listed in 'Top 15 universities in Guangzhou Technology Market 2020', and we were the only private college selected in Guangzhou.

(Statistics extracted on:March 18, 2021)