Undergraduate Major Introduction

Bachelor-International Economics and Trade-Chartered Financial Analyst Class

Training objectives: The training of this major is in line with international standards, comprehensive development of moral, intellectual and physical, systematically master the basic principles of economics and the basic theories of international economy and international trade, understand the development status of contemporary international economy and trade, and be familiar with prevailing international trade rules and regulations. Practices, Chinese foreign trade policies and regulations, master the latest international frontier knowledge and skills in the global financial community, have an international vision and strong English communication skills, and be able to engage in international economics in foreign economic and trade departments, foreign-funded enterprises, multinational companies and government agencies A compound international financial talent who manages and plans in trade, cross-border e-commerce, free trade zones, international investment and decision-making, and transnational operations.

Core courses: international trade practices, cross-international cultural exchanges, international e-commerce, corporate finance (CFA), equity investment (CFA), investment portfolio (CFA), quantitative analysis (CFA), alternative investment (CFA), fixed income securities ( CFA), bank risk management, etc.

Examable certificates: BEC Cambridge Business English, Banking or Fund Practicing Qualification Certificate, CFA Chartered Financial Analyst Level I, II, IELTS certificate, etc.

Employment orientation: You can choose to apply for a postgraduate degree from an overseas university (direct record) to continue your studies, or you can choose to work at home and abroad, mainly engaged in government foreign affairs offices, foreign economic and trade enterprises, overseas trade, international logistics companies, international finance, cross-border e-commerce operations, and commerce Banks, fund companies, private equity investment companies, etc.