Undergraduate Major Introduction

Undergraduate-e-commerce one 2 plus 2 international class

Training objectives: This professional trains management talents with international perspectives, IT knowledge and skills, solid economics, management, modern information technology, modern business foundation, comprehensive mastery of the theory, technology and methods of e-commerce management and operation, and can be proficient Use e-commerce comprehensive skills and modern information technology to engage in business activities or business technical support work, have a strong sense and ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, be able to engage in e-commerce application and management in industry and commerce, finance, service and other industries, and work in government departments, enterprises and institutions The unit is engaged in relevant management work, applied and technical skills-based international e-commerce professionals.

Core courses: Western economics, business management, economic law, market research and forecasting, network technology and applications, e-commerce website construction and maintenance, online marketing, introduction to e-commerce, e-payment and online banking, e-commerce professional English, e-commerce Case analysis, e-commerce laws and regulations, etc.

Examable certificates: help e-commerce engineers, e-commerce engineers, e-commerce engineers, IELTS certificates, etc.

Employment direction: You can choose to apply for (direct record) overseas university graduate degree to continue your studies, or choose domestic and foreign employment, mainly engaged in the application and management of e-commerce in industries such as industry and commerce, finance, service, etc., in government departments, enterprises and institutions, and cross-border E-commerce platform organization and management and other related management work.