Undergraduate Major Introduction

Undergraduate-Business English School-Enterprise Joint Training Program for Special Needs Talents in

Training goals: According to the strategic plan of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, combined with the needs of multinational companies and domestic top 500 companies for middle and senior management personnel, the school-enterprise joint training model is adopted to cultivate solid English skills, international vision and humanistic quality, Master the professional knowledge and skills of business English, be familiar with the prevailing international trade rules and conventions, have the ability of English application, business practice, cross-cultural communication, thinking and innovation, and independent learning ability.

Core courses: Comprehensive English I/II/III/Ⅳ, Comprehensive Business English I/II/III, Business English Translation, Business English Reading, Business English Listening and Speaking, International Trade Practice English, Foreign Trade English Correspondence + IELTS English 6.5 segmented course Learn.

Certificate examination: Cambridge University Business English Certificate, ILETS IELTS English, and related certificates (such as Business Negotiator Certificate).

Employment direction: mid-to-senior management personnel in multinational companies or large companies, mid- to senior-level translators in international business, etc.

Master's degree: After completing the undergraduate study of this major, students can join the domestic or overseas partner institutions (such as the University of Sheffield, Lancaster University, Newcastle University, etc.) to study for the postgraduate course.