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School of International Education "First Course for New Students" in academic year 2021-2022 --Singing the song of youth in a new era with commitment and struggle

Golden autumn sends coolness and fragrant laurel. To create a good start, stimulate students' passion for learning, guide students to adapt to the campus environment as soon as possible, and realize their role change, on the evening of October 8, in the Faculty Building of Sanshui Campus, Vice President Liu Xin and Wang Jianmin brought us a wonderful "first lesson of the school year" and "first lesson of ideology" to the new students.

At 7pm, all the students and teachers stood up and sang the national anthem as a start.

Vice President Liu Xin's "First Lesson of the School Year" in full English

Good evening everyone!" greeted Vice President Liu Xin. The International Education School of GITB creates a good international learning environment and provides first-class services for students. He then used humorous interaction to guide the new students to plan their four years' time, taking advantage of the beautiful environment and abundant resources, strive to improve their English, expand their international vision.

Vice President Wang Jianmin's "The First Lesson in Civic Science"

Based on the "international" talent cultivation model of the College of International Education, Vice President Wang Jianmin sang the song of youth in the new era with struggle and commitment, in the context of the nine imperatives of learning from history and creating the future as proposed by General Secretary Xi at the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. She pointed out, with the process of economic globalization, the International Education School has become more and more international. She pointed out that with the process of economic globalisation, the intermingling of cultures is an inevitable pattern in the world. Nowadays, China has gradually moved towards the centre of the world stage, and the great rejuvenation of the nation depends even more on the efforts of the young generation. As the main force of the new journey, young people should adhere to the socialist direction and be strict with themselves to "nature", "nurture" and "become an adult".

Welcome speech by representative Chen Yutong

On behalf of her brothers and sisters, Chen Yutong extended a warm welcome to all students. She shared her own journey and politely reminded that "university life will be the cornerstone of our success in society; the future is laid here, life will start here, we have to set great ideals in life and set higher expectations".


Mr Luo Zhijian shares "The Road to Project-based University"

Mr Lo Chi Kin, who has extensive experience in project management, shared with the students the methodology and action guidelines for managing university life through a project-based approach, guiding them to “understand” the university and how to adjust to the society. He guided the students to integrate the five stages of project management - "Goal, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Finish" - into each stage of university life, and combined them with President Kwong Bang-hung's "Five Entries " .Students were given the opportunity to embark on a "project-based university path" and move forward by being prudent in their approach.

At 8:50pm, the first class of the 2021-2022 academic year officially ended. The rain was pouring down outside, and the rain was like the beating of a drum, urging people to develop further; inside, the atmosphere was harmonious, and the applause was thunderous. The applause was a reflection of students’ aspirations for their university career and their determination to "strengthen our country".

(Written by Zhang Jiatong and Aisha Bai, typeset by Liu Jiani, first review by Li Lexin and Wang Jianmin, second review by Liu Jiani)