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the Seventh Sports Day in Huadu Campus

"If you are an eagle, you should fight in the sky and let your voice resound in the clouds; if you are a dragon, you can swim in the sea and let the waves be free to me! The team from the College of International Education and the College of Industry is taking great strides towards us!"

On November 18, the seventh Sports Day of Guangzhou College of Technology and Industry was held in the athletic field of Huadu Campus. The staff of the university were divided into twenty teams according to their functional departments. The International Education School and the Industry School formed the 16th squad, and this squad was led by Vice President Liu Xin of International Education School and Vice President Wang Shingsang of the School of Industry, with a total of 30 staff members participating. Their neat and consistent pace, high spirit and loud and powerful slogans of the two schools left a deep impression on the leaders, teachers and students of this college.

This year's Staff Games featured a radio gymnastics competition, men's and women's 100m, long jump, shot put, women's 800m, men's 1500m, 4*100m relay, fun relay, long rope jump, tug of war and a 12-man*50m head-to-head relay race, with over 700 athletes, more than 20 leaders and coaches and over 100 referees taking part.

Facing the three-foot lecture platform, they are dedicated to their teaching and solving problems. During the Games, they represented the International Education School and demonstrated the unity and hard work. During the game, they sweat and strive for excellence on the sports field. This sports meeting showed the high spirit of our staff.

Zhu Tewei, the school's trade union chairman and vice-principal, said that our school has strictly implemented the Party's education policy, led by the educational ideology of "morality for action and learning for excellence", actively practiced the "Five-Entries" educational practice, adhered to the "quality-based school, student-oriented, outstanding characteristics, and innovative" school philosophy, and fully implemented the fundamental task of moral education. The school is a "quality-based, student-centred, distinctive and innovative" school, and fully implements the fundamental task of establishing moral education. The Staff Sports Day responded positively to the call for national fitness, enriched the spare time, and enhanced social communication. It is  an event of unity, hard work and cohesion, achieving harvest of spiritual civilization and sports competition. We will achieve more fruitful results in the new journey.