College News

Mr Kuang Visited the Internation Education School

On January 20, Mr. Kwong Bang-hung, President; Mr. Wang Ri-hua, Vice President; Mr. Zhang Hui, Vice President and Mr. Li Gan, Director of the Academic Affairs, visited International Education School.

On the meeting, they reported on the topic of construction of the first "2+2" joint training program with British and Australian universities, and difficulties in the mutual recognition of credits. President Kuang stressed that International Education School and the Academic Affairs Department should strengthen the communication and coordination, classify the graduates, and the relevant work is due on March. President Kuang requested that the Academic Affairs Department ought to solve problems in running international education.

President Kuang said 4 requirements: Firstly, pay attention to the teaching style, improve the quality with high standard, attach importance to the exemplary roles; Secondly, carry out in-depth "moral and academic education and five practical educations", teachers’ training should be integrated into the training system. Thirdly, build a team of teachers with excellent political and international vision. Fourthly, consolidate the foundation and improve the personnel training, create the brand.

The leaders of International Education School said that they would go ahead with the guidance of  ideology of "moral learning" and "Five Entries".