College News

The Party Branch of the IES organized a visit to the new era of party members’workshop

In the afternoon on March 16, the Party Branch of International Education School called 44th batch of party activists and the 11th batch of candidates, total 28 people, to carry out a visit to the  new era of party members workshop with theme of the "five-Entries”.

During the visit, the lecturer Liu Kangxi introduced the Party Charter to all participants. The trainees learnt that ‘the Party's spirit refines the Party's character, and adherence preserves the Party’s Essence. Meanwhile, to draw on the Party's history, the docents also led trainees to learn history.

Finally, the lecturer explained the intimate relationship between the Party construction and "moral learning - five Entries" of Guangzhou Institute of Technology, the achievements of the Party Committee to improve the integration of the Party’s construction and moral education, combined with the "five -Entries" idea of "enter the classroom,enter the library, enter the laboratory and training room, enter the stadium and enter the society" proposed by Mr. Kwong Bang-hung, guiding students to "forge advancement and achieve success".

After the visit, the students of the party branch and the lecturer joined a group photo. This activity responded to the school's goal of "strengthening the leadership and promoting teaching”. It played a certain role in boosting the party building and education work of International Education School.