Faculty Team

LYU Zeqiang

LYU Zeqiang

LYU Zeqiang holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Lisbon School of Architecture in Portugal in 1999, a Master's degree in Historical Architecture and Urban Conservation and Reuse from the Chaillot Centre for Advanced Architectural Studies in Paris in 2005, and a Doctorate in Design from the Macau University of Science and Technology in 2020.


I. Teaching Direction.

Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Cultural heritage Management, Cultural heritage Conservation, Interdisciplinary Art, etc.

II. Research Areas.

Urban Architecture and Cultural heritage Conservation

Research Achievements (recent patents applied for or granted, sponsored projects, professional awards)

(I) PhD thesis on 'A Study on the Correlation between Architectural heritage Conservation History and Contextual Policies in Macao in the 20th Century' was awarded the 'Macao Studies' scholarship by the Macao Foundation in 2019/2020

(ii) 2012-2013 Macau Lupin Sensei Wood Craft Exhibition Hall (awarded the 'Gold Award' of the Macau Architects Association 2018 Design Award)

(iii)2010 Nezha Pavilion, St Paul's, Macau (awarded 'Merit Award' in the Macau Institute of Architects 2016 Design Award)