Faculty Team

Huang Minzhi

Huang Minzhi

2001-2005 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, BA in French

2012-2013 University of Lyon III, France, MA in International Trade

July 2005-December 2005 Huawei Technologies Co.

December 2005-June 2008 Production Technical Supervisor, Guangzhou Free Trade Zone Jebao Sporting Goods Co.

June 2008 - June 2010 Product Engineer at DECATHLON S.A. (Decathlon Group headquarters in France)

July 2010-September 2012 Guangzhou Free Trade Zone Jebao Sports Products Co.

September 2012 to March 2016 Intersport Sports Development (Shenzhen) Co.

March 2016 to June 2019 Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College Full-time teacher

August 2019 to present Guangzhou Institute of Technology and Industry Full-time teacher

Honours and Awards

Outstanding Teaching Staff' of Guangzhou Institute of Technology for the academic year 2019-2020

Research areas

Cross-border e-commerce, Business Administration

Recent published research and teaching papers

[1] Solutions to Common Problems of Fiscal and Tax Compliance of China's Cross-border E-Commerce in the Context of Digital Finance

[2] Research on optimizing supply chain to improve the efficiency of cross-border e-commerce export foreign trade operation

[3] Study on improving the efficiency of international trade supply chain by visualization of cargo schedule

[4] Research on optimizing inventory management to improve the efficiency of international trade supply chain

[5] Exploration on improving the level of foreign trade business skills of the team and creating a dynamic working atmosphere - an analysis of foreign trade company management examples

[6] The application of flipped classroom model in the course of 'Cross-border e-commerce marketing

[7] The application of blended teaching in the course of Foreign Trade Customer Development

[8] Experimental study on the flipped classroom teaching mode of 'Reading and Writing of English Foreign Trade Materials

Subjects and projects led and participated in

1.2016 Guangxi Vocational Education Teaching Reform Research Major Bidding Project 'Research on Management Incentive Mechanism Reform in Vocational Colleges and Universities', sub-project 'Research on Performance Management Reform in Higher Vocational Colleges and Universities Based on Excellent Performance Model' GXZJ2016ZD13 The project is a major bidding project of 'Research on Management Incentive Mechanism of Vocational Colleges'.

2.2018-2019 Liuzhou Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project, 'Research on the Internationalization Model of Liuzhou New Energy Automobile Industry in the Context of Silk Road E-Commerce Development - Taking ASEAN Region as an Example' (2018-2019), participation.

3.2019-2020 academic year university-level student innovation and entrepreneurship training program (recognized) project and 2020 provincial and national cultivation project, project name 'Smile cloud education platform', No. 118, project leader's name Chen Qianwen, supervisor's name Huang Wise and Wu Yixiang.