Specialty Introduction

Specialist-Computer Network Technology-AI Artificial Intelligence Class

Training objectives: This major has good professional ethics and humanistic qualities, is familiar with basic computer network theoretical knowledge and basic skills, masters computer network hardware and software networking technology, switching and routing network equipment debugging technology, network server configuration and management technology , Network cabling technology, wireless network technology, etc., high-quality skill-based applications with abilities in small and medium-sized enterprises network planning and design, network equipment debugging, network management and maintenance, internal and external network information security monitoring and maintenance, software system development and maintenance, etc. Talent.

Core courses: computer network foundation, network security, Window service and security, large and medium-sized enterprise network deployment and management, cloud server deployment and management, cloud host management and maintenance, web server cloud combat, wireless network technology, etc.

Employment direction: You can apply for a bachelor's degree from an overseas university or participate in a domestic special plug-in for further study; it may also carry out computer operation and maintenance, computer LAN design, installation, and debugging; system integration of computer network communication products; WAN management and maintenance; network management Information system design, development and application, website design and development, etc.