Specialty Introduction

Specialist-Business Management-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Class

Training objectives: This major cultivates passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, masters the basic content, methods and means of innovation and entrepreneurship management, understands the frontiers of innovation and entrepreneurship management at home and abroad and practical development trends, and has leadership, organization, coordination and good interpersonal communication skills , Intermediate and senior innovative entrepreneurial applied talents who are proficient in using English as a working language.

Core courses: Fundamentals of Management, Fundamentals of Economics, Business Planning, Financial Management, College English, Start-up Finance and Corporate Law, Venture Financing and Follow-up Development, Entrepreneurship Negotiation Management Practice, Entrepreneur Self-management and Leadership, Entrepreneur’s Personal Sales Strength, team building and management.

Employment direction: You can choose to apply for a bachelor's degree from an overseas university, participate in a domestic special program for further study, or choose self-employment or employment in middle and high-level management positions in enterprises.