Specialty Introduction

Specialist One E-commerce One Cross-border E-commerce Class

Training goals: Based on the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, the e-commerce major will cultivate intermediate and senior innovative and entrepreneurial applied talents who master cross-border e-commerce knowledge, master marketing promotion, operation management, customer service and other work skills, and proficiently use English as a working language.

Core courses: cross-border e-commerce English, cross-border e-commerce correspondence, college English, foundation of innovation and entrepreneurship, online marketing, online store operation, e-commerce data analysis and application, customer service and management, mobile commerce, web design and production.

Employment direction: Graduates can apply for a degree from an overseas university or participate in a domestic special book for further study, or choose to start their own business, or engage in shop operation, procurement and customer service positions in international cross-border e-commerce companies.