Outstanding Alumnis

Deng Yuxing

Deng Yuxing

International economy and Trade International class B1  Deng Yuxing


Probationary members of the Communist Party of China


2018: in the 18th campus games, the women's group won the second place in the 4 * 100m and the sixth place in the 4 * 400m


2018: excellent class cadres, third class scholarship


2019: Excellent Communist Youth League member、Title of excellent student


2019: first class scholarship


2020: first class scholarship


Main story


In 2017, Pang submitted an application for joining the party to the party organization. In April 2018,  designated as an active member of the party. Probationary member of the CPC in September 2020.


In terms of study, ranked first in the class and won the honorary titles of excellent student scholarship, excellent Communist Youth League member and excellent student.


Work actively, the class of labor work arrangements in an orderly manner. Strong organizational communication skills, team spirit, communication skills and cohesion.